Lead Free-Are YOU spreading LEAD POISON?

Your car is LEAD-FREE, is your CHILD LEAD-FREE?


Have you ever wanted to be a part of a problem that seemed so big that it appeared completely hopeless?  Well, we are not a part of a problem like that.  Yet, our problem is huge in scope and vision.  We are advocates of lead poison prevention.  We are all well aware of the lead poison from water, the news coverage of the city’s problem with that is well documented.  However, not many people know that lead poison is still a danger for children.

Nearly 1 million U.S. children of all ages and 435,000 children aged one to five, have been diagnosed with dangerously elevated lead blood levels.  It is estimated that around 24 million homes contain significant lead poisoning hazards; roughly 4 million of these homes have at least one child.  Lead is a neurotoxin that collects in the bones and causes permanently irreversible brain damage and other health problems such as: seizures, hearing impairment, blindness, coma, and death.  Children under the age of six are the most susceptible to lead poisoning effects, and those ingesting significant amounts of lead dust from inhaling or digesting lead paint face a lifetime of attention deficit, hyperactivity, and behavioral problems.  Despite the fact that 4.4% of children nationally have elevated blood levels, the problem is much more severe for low-income and minorities living in older homes: for example, 22% of African-Americans and 13% of Mexican-Americans children living in homes built before 1946 have lead poisoning; and in some hot zone neighborhoods the percentage can reach 60-70%.

These facts may appear a little disturbing and that is because they are.  This is a problem that is 100% preventable.  However, education and outreach need to be given to those who are most at risked.  We have targeted Wards 1, 4, and 5 to educate them on the issues of lead poison and try to get them to have their child screened.  We are attempting to reach out to all members of the community regardless of race or ethnicity because the problem we are facing is colorblind.

Sponsor Organizations

In collaboration with DC Lead Poisoning Screening and Education, National Center for Healthy Homes, The Fisherman of Men Church, Third Street Church of God, Mount Bethel Baptist Church, United Parents Against Lead  (UPAL), and Howard University; we at the Coalition for Environmentally Safe Communities are bring an educational event to the Washington DC area.  We all operate under a common understanding that lead poisoning needs to be eradicated; however, few in the community are aware of the threat posed by this danger.  These are the first few steps down a long road toward the vision of safe and healthy homes.  In conjunction with the previously stated organizations we are bringing outreach through education, preventative measures, and treatment to the communities of our targeted areas in Washington DC.  We also have enlisted the help of local area hospitals and clinics to for the event.



DC Lead Poison Screening Educational Urban Center


For more information, you may contact Dr. Phoenix at japhoenix@aol.com

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