• Over 45 Years Serving the Community

    The Fisherman of Men Church (FOMC), whose pastor is Bishop Clarence Groover, is a mainstay institution based in the heart of metropolitan Washington, D.C. for over 45 years, and faithfully serves the spiritual needs of an expanding and changing local and regional urban community. Located in the former long defunct York Movie Theater Building erected in the early 1900s, FOMC, with the dedication and energetic support of its congregation, has executed its multi-year plan of extensive renovation, and modernization of its physical structure, and amenities over the last decade with emphasis on its interior, as well as continuous improvement efforts to enhance its presence in the coming months along the Georgia Avenue corridor through upgrades of its exterior.

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The Fisherman of Men Church had its humble beginnings in the year 1969 in the living room of the home of its founder and wife, Elder Clarence Groover and Sister Nettie Groover.  Their home was located at 1110 Aspen Street, NW, Washington, DC.  This founding family later purchased a house at 1222 Maryland Avenue, NE, Washington, DC and renovated it to qualify for church occupancy.  This house was officially dedicated  for the Lord’s service on May 15, 1971.  The first floor of the house was used for the church which included baptismal pool. The founding family’s home was the third floor and basement of the house.

In 1970, Mother Adlin Kelly from Jamaica, West Indies started worshipping with the Fisherman of Men Church and two years later she gave her right hand of fellowship becoming the first member of the church.  One year later, the pastor fellowshipped the second member Sister Geraldine Pitt.  During the time of the living room services, 264 services were held in which there were only three adults in attendance, Pastor Groover, his wife Nettie and Mother Kelly.

The church’s initial outreach to the community was through the Sunday School.  The Church attracted more than 75 children from the neighborhood, many of which did not know the Lord’s Prayer.  Sister Groover formed a Sunday School Choir and made special uniforms for the children to sing in.  The children sang at local churches.  In 1972, the Church chartered two 49 passengers buses and took almost 100 children from the neighborhood to Newark, NJ to sing on a program there.

This was the real beginning of a great branch in Zion and this house was fondly called “The Cradle of the Fisherman of Men Church”.  The church prospered under Bishop Groover’s wise and prayerful leadership, while in this home.  During the seven years at this house, hundreds were baptized in Jesus’ Name  and many baptized with the Holy Ghost speaking with other tongues and many healed by the laying on of hands through faith and the power of the living Christ.

In 1977, God placed the Church at 3641 Georgia Avenue, NW, Washington, DC, centrally located in an international community.

In 1978, God blessed the Church with a weekly radio broadcast that can still be heard over WYCB 1340 on the AM dial at 11:30 pm every Sunday night. In 2001, the Georgia Avenue Building was renovated into a modern church facility, which was dedicated on December 8, 2001.  God has given the Church a global presence in respect to purpose and location. The Church stands as an Icon among the leading institutions that serve the needs of mankind over the United States of America and the world.  To name a few:  Howard University, Catholic University, Walter Reed Hospital, White House, Children’s Hospital and many more.

The Church has grown many folds over the years and continues to convert and attract strong, committed God loving members of many nationalities and ethnic diversity.