We started our renovation in 2000 with a total renovation with significant interior upgrades, including the new upper levels, additional offices, expansion of lobby and new dining hall, kitchen, updated entries and restrooms, new soft seating areas, improved lighting, chandeliers, landscaping, signage and completion of prayer room. Subsequently, we executed and external facelift of renovations to enhance the neighborhood and to preserve some of the building’s unique characteristics.

The building exterior past appearance protrayed a lack of upkeep and abandament in which it attracted vandalism and graffiti. It was unattractive, uninviting, unsafe, weak presence in the community and often ignored as a place of worship. The rehabilitation of the exterior sought to change this visual negative posture to a positive notable awareness. The renovation as a whole represents the excellence of the higher power in whom we serve.

Furthermore, by giving the Church the facelift, our efforts coincide with the ongoing renovations on Georgia Avenue, which collectively enhance the community. The government offered block grants to businesses in this community to facelift their building facades. However, by our own initiative and no government funding, we achieved our goals, which gives our Church congregation a great satisfaction, pride and appreciation for these efforts.

Exterior facelift includes newly designed exterior windows and doors, elimination of damaged sheet metal cornice, installation of aluminum canopy, church name and church logo at church entrance, resurfacing of church oval structures and installation of steel tree branch decorative structures, outside lighting around roof top and oval structures, 2 high definition TV display monitors and a 53 KW renewable clean energy solar powered electrical system. The system will over its lifetime will eliminate 1,280 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the church footprint. This is equivalent to

(1).  Planting 29,824 trees

(2). Driving reduced by 2,560,000 auto miles, or 130,560 gallons of gasoline

(3).  Recycling 4,040 tons of waste instead of sending it to a landfill

(4). Displacing CO2 emissions from the annual electric use of 145 homes

Many of the positive impacts that our Church has or is currently having on the community are cited below.

  • Howard University Pre-Homecoming Gospel Concert
  •  The Fisherman of Men Church in collaboration with DC Lead Poisoning Screening and Education, National Center for Healthy Homes, Third Street Church of God, Mount Bethel Baptist Church, United Parents Against Lead  (UPAL), and Howard University are working to eradicate lead poisoning in children in the District of Columbia.
  •  Community health and job fairs. The Church is currently planning a job fair.
  • Houses the Foster Care Culinary Program. This program offers training and support for foster children, once they have exhausted the foster care system, by certifying them as cooks or food service workers. Community support for this program includes: social workers, attorneys, judges, schoolteachers, local restaurants, chefs and community as a whole.
  • Temporary location for applicants for the newly built Georgia Avenue apartment complex, “The Avenue”. A convenience for seniors and the handicapped.
  • Provide food and changing accommodations for out of town visitors. Example: On Martin Luther King Memorial Dedication, we fed several busloads from Ohio who attended the memorial.
  • Program for feeding the hungry, and providing clothing for the needy. Example: We ship several barrels of needed commodities to Liberia and India.
  • Chastity Program – An initiative to train our youth in the church, and community that: Abstinence Is The Only Choice (ATOC).
  •  Vacation Bible School – A community based program that’s offered annually.
  • Community Family Class – Contemporary Issues facing family life.
  • Divine Cuisine – A time when several churches in the community dine and fellowship together, and enjoy international and traditional foods.
  • Make building available to other denominations i.e., Latino community, Ethiopian community, etc.
  • Extends Church building to community for weddings, funerals, and community meetings.
  • Church assists in crisis. Examples: Hurricane Katrina and when the famine was in Ethiopia, the church served as a meeting place for refugees.

The Fisherman of Men Church provides many youth activities including seminars on technology, dangers of social media, youth pageant, peer pressure, family issues, church plays and skits, drugs, education on substance abuse, etc.  Also, our Church routinely purchases school supplies for all of our students from pre-school to college.  Additionally we award each student for his/her academic achievement.